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At Fairclaim we can help you with your insurance dispute through our experienced team of claims experts. We can provide assistance on all types of insurance claims and business interruption matters. If the insurer has rejected or declined your claim you will need an expert on your side. Insurers may also reduce the value of your claim or only offer to pay a portion of the amount you seek.

When things go wrong with your insurance claim you may even need to speak to an insurance dispute lawyer to see if you have been treated unfairly. You want to receive the maximum benefit when you lodge your claim and finding out what you can get under the policy can be a difficult task.
We specialise in assisting with the following types of claims:
 We have access to a panel of insurance dispute lawyers. An insurance claims solicitor can help you find out your legal rights. We can also arrange insurance assessor reports, building reports, medical reviews, evidence and policy reviews of your case. Don’t risk your money by dealing with the insurer alone, your claim could be worth substantially more than you have been offered.

Do not accept an offer of settlement until you have had your rights reviewed.
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