Business Interruption Claims

When your business begins to lose money due to an event or issue beyond your control you need immediate advice . Our panel of experts can look at your case and see if you are being treated fairly.

If your business has suffered damage and you also hold business interruption cover, then you may be entitled to payment under your policy. If that’s the case, the onus rests with you to prove that loss, otherwise, the insurer does not necessarily have to make full payment on your claim.

Fairclaim can assist your business in preparing the financials and other proof required to ensure you receive your maximum entitlement.

We can arrange for insurance adjusters and claims examiners to help prepare reports to support your claim. We have business interruption lawyers available to represent you when the insurer is treating you unfairly.

Your business interruption dispute is important and a business interruption lawyer can help you get the right result for your company. When you make a claim the insurer will appoint their own claims adjuster for your matter. Why should you be without assistance or advice from your own adjuster for business interruption claims?

At Fairclaim we can find the right claims examiner or insurance adjuster to help you get the right advice. If the insurer has declined the business interruption claim or made an offer which you are not happy with then you should get your own advice from a business interruption solicitor.

If you want your business interruption claim to be dealt with fairly then you should contact us immediately.

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