Car Accident Compensation Lawyer

Car Accident Compensation Lawyer

Do you know your legal rights following a car accident? The laws across Australia in relation to compensation for car accident injuries vary vastly between the States and Territories. Many people are unaware of their legal rights and entitlements when it comes to lodging a car accident claim. If you have suffered injuries that are painful and lasting you may be entitled to more than just the damage to your car.

Knowing your rights to injury compensation can help you plan ahead. Our car accident lawyers and motor vehicle accident lawyers are experts in all types of road and motor vehicle accident claims.

Did you know?

An accident in which an injury was sustained must be reported to the police by law. As a rule a personal injury claim against the CTP insurance cannot be processed until the accident has been reported and the police supply you with a Traffic Incident Number. There are strict time limits in which the claim must be reported and we would recommend you report the matter as soon as possible.

A personal injury claim against the relevant CTP insurer needs to be lodged ASAP. There are strict time limits that apply to lodging such personal injury claims, which vary State to State and if this period expires prior to a claim being lodged it makes the pursuit of a claim significantly more difficult and sometimes impossible. It is therefore important that you discover your compensation entitlements ASAP and please immediately call FAIR CLAIM today for assistance.

REMEMBER – depending on what you were doing and where you were going when you were injured; you may also have compensation entitlements under other insurance. If you were working at the time of the accident, or even travelling to or from work, you could have entitlements under Workers Compensation. For advice in this respect contact FAIR CLAIM today.

Your rights to injury compensation will depend on the following;

-Where your injury happened
- Who was to blame for the accident or injuries
- What injuries you have suffered and whether or not they are permanent

What are you Entitled to Claim?
If you are entitled to claim losses arising from the injury sustained under the vehicle’s CTP Insurance. Losses that may be able to be claimed include:-

- Loss of Earnings
- Medical Expenses
- Out of pocket expenses & more

Please note there are limits and thresholds applied to different aspects of the personal compensation claim on which you need advice and perhaps assistance.

To find out your rights contact Fair Claim today by completing the contact us form. One call may make a real difference to the outcome of your accident claim. Call now for a free claim review today.

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