Income Protection Lawyers

If you have an income protection claim for time you have lost from work, the insurer may appoint a claims adjuster to assess the claim. They may seek medical advice and often they will try and reduce the amount of money you are claiming. When you are going to be off work for more than a few weeks and you have income protection cover you may need some advice from an income protection lawyer.

You may have further rights available to you under your superannuation policy or rights to make a TPD claim. Generally people are not aware of their rights to damages under different income protection and superannuation claims . Having an income protection lawyer or a claims adjuster look at your case can make a massive difference to your entitlement.

When you need advice from an income protection lawyer you should find an expert. Our team can help you to get the right advice on your income protection claim. If your illness or injury period is lengthy, then the assistance of an income protection solicitor who understands superannuation and TPD rights is crucial.

You may be missing out on money that you are entitled to unless you have some help from an income protection claims expert. You may find that the insurer continues to charge you premiums while they take their time to assess the validity of your claim. This puts you in a difficult financial position and you may have rights to also pursue a superannuation claim.

Without your own superannuation and income protection lawyer to advise you, you are at the mercy of the insurer. You may end up paying premiums while you are not earning any income.

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