Water Damage Insurance Claim

Water Damage Insurance Claim

Water Damage Insurance Claim

An insurer may try to deny your claim or reduce the amount you are entitled to. They may claim there is an exclusion or that your policy does not cover some damage. You need a second opinion. Contact one of our experts to see if you have been treated fairly. We can arrange for review of your policy, and challenge the insurer regarding their decision.

Rejected Claim

Damage may arise as a result of someone else’s negligence. In these circumstances legal review is even more important for your rejected claim. There may be another insurance policy which covers your damages. Proper legal advice can help you recover thousands of dollars which you would otherwise have to cover yourself. We can advise on the operation of your insurance policy as well as the policies of third parties.

No Win No Fee Lawyers

We can arrange a no win no fee lawyers to negotiate with the insurer on your claim. If the insurer rejects or reduces your claim, you need urgent advice. There are many different ways to deal with insurance claims. You may need further assessment if you disagree with your insurer’s decision. We can help you to navigate through difficult insurance disputes. The big insurance companies use panels of experts, assessors and lawyers to try and reject or reduce claims. You need to level the playing field and get one of our experts to help you win.


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