Work Injury Compensation Lawyers

 Work Injury Compensation Lawyers

Work Injury Compensation Lawyers

If you have experienced work injuries you may be entitled to work compensation benefits under the Workers Compensation scheme in your State or Territory.

If your injuries are serious or long term and could have been prevented, is strongly advised that you seek advice through the Fair Claim’s team of experts. Our compensation strategy using compensation Lawyers & Solicitors for work injury claims will ensure you get maximum compensation settlement. Call Us Now: 1800 825 645 for a free compensation claim review today.

Seeking independent advice will help you determine;
- Where you stand legally
- If your injury could have been avoided
- If your employer or fellow worker was negligent
- What statutory work compensation you are entitled to
- What non-statutory benefits you are entitled to (if any)
- If you are entitled to a lump sum payment

As each State or Territory have different laws, your options and rights much depend on where your injury happened. In different parts of Australia there are different time limits, thresholds and laws that apply under the individual work compensation State legislation.

If your workplace injuries happened due to the negligence of a colleague, employer or other business then you may have other injury compensation available outside of normal work compensation (i.e. work cover). Workers comp is available to you to assist you with recovery and reimburse you for out of pocket expenses and you may be entitled to lodge a common law claim which is injury compensation awarded as a lump sum payment.

All workplace injuries are different and cases of work compensation are based on the facts. All variables need to be reviewed and negligence needs to be clearly proven. If you would like to discuss a common law claim (or negligence claim) with a work compensation lawyer.
Getting the right advice is important and it is important to be aware of the injury compensation process and what you are entitled to under the law.

Get the advice you need by calling Now: 1800 825 645 or completing the form on this page to speak to our team of compensation law experts.

At Fair Claim, we offer a FREE of charge and obligation claim review as well as offering a No-Win, No-Fee basis for your convenience.
We have been involved in Personal Injury Compensation for many years and we have the expertise to ensured you receive the best result possible.

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